Blue flag to Agios Isidoros beach

As we have previously advised you, the responsible local authorities (Municipality of Lesvos) have not fulfilled their obligations for the operation of Agios Isidoros beach and it had been more than certain that the awarded Blue flag would have been withdrawn. The most serious problem was the non employment of a qualified lifeguard for the beach, which also resulted in heavy penalties to be imposed on the Municipality, much higher than the cost of lifeguards.

Plomari Forum proceeded with following actions for not having the blue flag withdrawn from the beach:

1.Organized the beach operation in line with the increased requirements of the Hellenic Society for the Prottection of Nature (HSPN- http://www.greeknature.org/en/about ), printed and posted all necessary announcements/information, tiled the floor of the cabins and contributed to the cleaning of the beach.

2.Submitted to HSPN the necessary photos for the preliminary approval of the beach.

3.In cooperation with certain hotel owners & shop keepers of the area, was constructed the missing part of the wooden corridor for access of swimmers to the beach by wheel chair, and was covered by best possible way the lifeguard requirement.

4.Cooperated with the HSPN inspector for the beach inspection on 6/8/2014 and rectified the deficiencies which were found.

Today we are pleased to announce that our efforts were successful and Agios Isidoros beach maintained the Blue flag. Unfortunately the Blue flag has been withdrawn from 3 other beaches on our island, due to luck of lifeguard and other deficiencies. Indicative of the increased requirements for the Blue flag this year is the fact that 23 out of 30 beaches in Corfu island have lost the Blue flag. Beaches withdrawn are not entitled to apply for Blue flag at least for the next year.

We hope and wish the new administration of the Municipality to discharge their duties for operation of the beaches in our area and Plomari Forum will be there to cooperate for the improvement of the conditions to the extent it is feasible.

We also hope that our campaign, to train young people from Plomari as lifeguards, will enable them to offer such services to Agios Isidoros as well as to other beaches on the island, while enjoying a satisfactory payment for their services.