DiSa-Travel moved their office to Agios Isidoros

We are pleased to announce that the travel agency “DiSa-Travel” has transferred their register office from Vrisa to Agios Isidoros and will share the office, that Plomari Forum are presently running for tourist information services, opposite to Agios Isidoros church.

DiSa-Travel, who are already Plomari Forum members, have proposed us such an arrangement, after the recent earthquake that destryed Vrisa, which we gladly accepted, because we need travel agencies to be based in our area and also such a cooperation will reduce the office expenses for the Forum.

DiSa-Travel contact details:

Mrs Sabine Wolff

P.O.Box 1836

Agios Isidoros, Plomari 81200

Office Phone +30 22520 31486

Mobile: +306986637872

Email: disa-travel@web.de


Facebook:  DiSa-Travel Lesbos

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