Tourist information office in Plomari.

Plomari Forum has organized a tourist information office at the ground floor of the municipality building. The space is next to the Fire
Brigade station and was provided by the Local authorities free of charge. The Forum has covered the expenses of upgrading/painting
of the space and for a wooden board to be placed in front of the office to advice the tourists and to discourage the drivers to block the
Maps and other printed information are available in various languages. Unfortunately telephone is not available for tourists to call and
ask for information.
A computer with touch screen has been installed to provide information to the users for the entire island in Greek, English and Turkish.
Similar touch screens are available in Mytilini, in the port and the airport. The database is automatically updated by the company,
responsible to operate the relevant program.
All actions of Plomari Forum are supported by volunteer work of our members and Plomari friends. This fact does not allow us to operate
the tourist office for many hours, however we are trying to keep it open from 10:00 to noon and some days till 13:oo or even 14:00.
Many pieces of information have been posted on the glasses of the office front and are available to the tourists, even when the office is closed.

Plomari Forum has not proceeded to further upgrading of the tourist office, awaiting to discuss this matter with the new administration of the Local authority