Events in Istanbul starting 21/5/2015

During 2nd half of May,there will take place some events which concern our island.

On 21/5 there will be B2B meetings among Turkish travel agencies and companies from North Aegean islands, aiming to increase the cooperation and number of tourists visiting our islands. The event was organized by our consulate and the Hellenic Tourist Office there.

On 22/5 will be inaugurated the photo exhibition of Mrs Tzeli Hatzidimitriou at our Consul residence in Sismanoglio building and will last till 7/6/2015.

Plomari Forum will provide any possible assistance to local hotel owners and other businessmen who would decide to attend the B2B meetings.

Plomari Forum, despite our poor resources, have supported the 2nd event by a nominal amount and will be there to make its involvement for the promotion of our area well known to parties concerned.

Details will be discussed tomorrow with members and non-members which will participate to the open discussion at Leschi Plomariou, “Veniamin o Lesbios” tomorrow 22/4 18:00 hours

Below is reproduced the message from the photographer, Mrs Tzeli Hatzidimitriou:
From: tzeli@odoiporikon.com [mailto:tzeli@odoiporikon.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2015 11:24
To: Hadjidimitriou Tzeli
Subject: Tzeli Hadjidimitriou/exhibition in Istanbul

My dear friends,

on May 22, I have my first personal exhibition in Istanbul, in Sismanoglio Megaro, in the Greek Consulate.
It is a very important moment for me, as this is my first attempt of connecting my painful past as a descendant of refugee family from Asia Minor with my healing present, supported by beautiful Turkish friends. The exhibition is about the island of Lesvos, my native island and the pictures speak about the beauty, the hidden harmony of a magnificent place, about “the poetic of stillness”, as my friend Ayse Gul Altinay described it. For me, my pictures were my shelter, a magical world created from eternity and light, where no harm could find me or the spectator. I am sharing them with you, in a moment that I already cross the line towards the “human world”, always flooded with light but vulnerable and fragile. I hope to have you with me in this passage and it will be a great pleasure to see you in my exhibition.

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