Lets clean Europe campaign 8-10/5/2015

Posted below photos from the cleaning of beaches of Agios Isidoros, Ammoudeli and Esso Pappas-Plakakia.

Participated students and teachers of the 2 elementary schools, the Professional Lyceum (EPAL),  the High School, the Local Municipality and volunteers Greeks and foreigners. Thanks to all participants and to those who would like to help but could not do it.




Agios Isidoros 2015-05-08_3847983361226374468_n Agios Isidoros 2015-05-08_5791167854122191085_n Agios Isidoros 2015-05-08_6298427889107271697_n Agios Isidoros 2015-05-08_6775537268525708539_n Agios Isidoros 2015-05-08_6961603527753795772_n IMG_2204 Agios Isidoros IMG_2205-Ammoudeli 2015-05-08 IMG_2206-Ammoudeli 2015-05-08 IMG_2207-Ammoudeli 2015-05-08 IMG_2209 Ammoudeli 2015-05-08 IMG_2214 Ammoudeli 2015-05-08 IMG_2215 Esso Pappas 2015-05-08 IMG_2216 Esso Pappas 2015-05-08 IMG_2218 Esso pappas 2015-05-08 IMG_2219 Esso Pappas 2015-05-08 IMG_2223 Esso pappas 2015-05-08 IMG_2225 Agios Isidoros 2015-05-08 IMG_2226 Agios Isidoros 2015-05-08 IMG_2228 Agios Isidoros 2015-05-08 IMG_3355 IMG_3356 IMG_3357 IMG_3358 IMG_3359 IMG_3360 IMG_3361 IMG_3362 IMG_3363 IMG_3364