Visit of Izmir travel agents to Plomari

The Izmir travel agents, about 25 members of TURSAB, will visit Plomari on Sunday morning, 15/3.
This is a unique opportunity to increase the number of Turkish tourists to our area.
The visitors will be informed on the comparative advantages of Plomari and its nearby villages.
Owners of tourist business (hotels,taverns etc) shall provide their brochures and any other appropriate
information to the visitors.
The visit was organized by Lesvos Chamber with the support of Lesvos Hoteliers and Travel agents
associations, that will cover the accommodation and transportation needs of the visitors.
Plomari Forum will arrange lunch and live music for the visitors.
We expect the local business to contribute to the expenses involved and the producers of local products
(ouzo, olive oil, soap, dairies ), if they wish, may offer their products as presents to the guests.