Event in Ftergi-Ano Chorio on Saturday 26/4

A friend of Plomari from Denmark, the architect Mr Uffe, has constructed 3 pavilions in his land in Ftrergi, Ano Chorio.

The pavilions were inaugurated last September, in the presence  of many friends, locals and foreigners, where food (prepared by the women cooperative) and drinks were offered as well as music by Theofilos (from Kafeneio “Eleftheria”) and his company.

Me Uffe, invite us  to participate in this year event, on Saturday 26/4 at 19:00, where a lamb will be grilled, food (from women cooperative) and drinks will be offered, the well-known Theofilos and his company will play music and the background for the erection of the pavilions will be reviewed.

You can see here the invitation for the event, the road guide to Ftergi and a text written by Mr Uffe, last year to express his thoughts about the pavilions.

The invitation is open to all friends, locals and foreigners.